Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whats up?

Between the drama in the Fantasy House (I am not popular enough to complain, big whoop 10 followers lol) and farming with Arlen over at the Two Headed Wizard Blog I am just dumb-founded on what to post. I have a BIG PROJECT right now I mean real big, like a hundred pages (68 pages in) so after this post back to work I: So far with all the Farming I have done I have come up with the following:

By the way sorry about the non-crop forgot that was only on the test realm with he automatic crop and I don't have the time to go fix it...

-The amazing, rare greater imp pet :)
-2 Blue Banshees
-2 Midnight Sprites
-Happy, Pirate and Cool Pumpkin Masks
-And the Silly Pumpkin Staff

EDIT! You guys are awesome 1500 views! EDIT!
Goodbye from Sloan


  1. Did you get all that from Nightshade? If so, I think it's time for me to go back and try and farm him.

  2. Awesome. I wound up getting the black cat, silly pumpkin staff, all of the crown pumpkin masks, some times two, three sets of the level 5 crown gear and a million banshees and midnight sprites. I'm planning on posting a blog about all the pets in the next couple of days. I took screenies, since I put all of them in one of my dorm rooms! Ha. It's completely full of pets.