Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Diary of a Wizard Contest last chance!

The Diary of a Wizard mount contest is ending tomorrow along with many others! So go ahead and sign up for them if you haven't. Here is the diary of a wizard link

BTW I won the Shardtail dragon in the Find me contest put on by the Rogue Sorcerer! Woot!

Happy Last minute contest entering!


  1. Hey. Not really a comment, more of a note. Where have you been?! Get on W101, now. Tired of waiting on you, thanks. Actually, we all are tired of waiting. So hurry up already! Thanks, bye. ~D. DarkHeart

  2. Yeah what Del said lol! Get back online!! We miss you and yer hundreds of pets >.< Stupid Slo, makin' us all wait like that. Lol! Get back on ya lazy ash~~! And yesh, Del and I plan on ambushing you if you don't log on/reply soon >:D How can you be the "Active Necromancer" if you're not at all active >.<
    ~Destiny (Dess) W.