Friday, July 30, 2010

Wayfinder Clothing Giving Hints to Celestia?

As I was running the Warehouse (a loss by the way to the final boss) I got the Wayfinder Boots from the Crab boss. I thought they were quite cool but also might lead us into the new type of game play. If you think about it the clothes made us adaptable to more difficult situations as we moved through the worlds. We got our first clothes that were game changing in a way after we hit approximatively level 10. This is when we venture into having more enemies in one mob battle. The clothes allowed us to adapt to the new difficulties thrown at us. So could the Wayfinder clothes be our first hints into what Celestia will be like? Lets see:

With 140 health you have to consider:

-This is a quite high of a health give from a boot. From this you could deduce that possibly health becomes a much bigger necessity. I predict as we saw in the Warehouse that normal enemies and bosses will be higher health and have better power pip chances, thus being able to cast more powerful spells faster.

-Kings Isle could possibly increase mob battles and boss battles to having 3 enemies. The increased health would help us solo with increased monsters. I'm not sure, but it could possibly happen but it is unlikely.

Power pip chance 4%:

-As said above this could possibly mean increased mob/boss pip chance and procs for interruptions with bosses. This also could mean a super power pip or something like this that gives 3 pips for one school (this isn't my idea I have heard it on various blogs and threads on wizard101 central)? Maybe you are allowed to get this once you have over 100%? Then you get power pips all the time, but have a super pip percentage for every percent you have over 100%, such as: 133% power pip chance means you have all power pips and 33% chance at super pips? This isn't for sure but it could happen ^_^

4% defense to all schools:

-This could possibly mean that there will be more powerful spells that are being cast.We could learn 8 pip spells (enemies too) with power pip chance going up and having more defense to all schools it will make it easier to have higher damaging spells.

- Having defense to all schools on most Celestia Clothing could mean that mob/boss enemies could have it too. This would mean that all attacks will be reduced, thus meaning longer battles.

- With the theme of reducing damage of spells even more you could have an Aura. An Aura is basically the "bubbles" that go over the battle field and effect all spells cast until another Aura is cast such as Darkwind for storm. Kings Isle could make a defense Aura. For 3 pips you could cast an Aura that does 50%% less damage to everything. This would be good for if your team is getting low on health and you would not be doing any damage, just healing and buffing. Once your team is all healed up you could put up another Aura. Kings Isle could have an "Aura Take Down" card which could take down the Aura for 1 pip. In that theme they could also come out with a Fizzle Aura. You never know what will happen, Kings Isle is VERY creative!

Hope this gives you some insight on to what possibly Celestia will be like and possibly the Astral Schools by looking at the new clothing that we are finding in the Warehouse. The clothing we wear has always made us the type of wizard we are through out the whole game.

Happy Farming for those new Celestial clothes!!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Celestia Character Update

Wow, I love all the Marleybonians!

I wonder if they are going with a story such as with Krokatopia where as the Marleybonians are exploring a new area or such. I am definitely excited for Celestia!!!!!!

Happy Farming!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Extended Maintenance

Well I have been on a lot lately trying to figure out what "improvements to game play" Kings Isle has made. I have been searching and I can't seem to find any. Possibly when I decide to do the Warehouse I will find some bug fixes or such, but for right now I am clueless. If anybody has found any bug fixes or adjustments send them to my email on the right. ------->
I will check them out and post them on my blog for everybody's convenience and curiosity. You know what they say curiosity killed the cat, but we don't want any of that happening so I want to satisfy everybody's curiosity here, safe and sound from any cat killing.

Happy Farming!

Done Dragonspyre

Well Angel Stormstaff is done Dragonspyre and is just finishing up becoming a Master Artisan. Also I need to finish up GH on him too. Well, I am kinda in pause mode deciding which direction I want to take..... either get working on my myth wizard or just farm and run around with my grands... I think I might go work on my myth wiz that is lying around. Anyways:

Happy Farminhg

Monday, July 19, 2010

Petnome Release!

The Petnome Project has released and it can be found here!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Question from Friendly's Mail Box

The Friendly Necromancer has been overloaded with his mailbox and was wondering if some of his blogger club could help him out a little. Friendly generously accepted my offer to help and gave me a question.

Here is a question from Mike:


Hi,I know you probably won't read or respond to this, but if you do, I would be very happy for your time and help. I ama level 27 Thaumaturge, but am not enjoying it. Ifigured I would make a new character, eitheras a Diviner, Necromancer, or Sorcerer. I was wondering if you could help me pick, and also help create a deck for thecharacter.


Ok, let’s go overto Marleybone at Hyde Park andtry out some deckfor a Diviner, Necromancer, and Sorcerer to find some strengths in each school (this is with my grandmasters of each class with no clothes and about 40% pip chance)

Let’s start out with a diviner and go to the boss battle Sammy O' Leary. I am planning for a level 27 wizardand only use spells 27 and below.

First I will use the strategy of attacking each enemy by first attacking the boss. Here are my stats and deck:

I defeated the boss in three turns with a bladed and trapped Kraken for 916 damage.

Then after I fizzled twice on two Krakens I killed the minion with 387 health left.

From this we learned that becoming with becoming a diviner you must quickly buff and attack because, one, diviners have low health. The second reason is because they have very low accuracy. You should keep a very small deck like I did in case you fizzle, because it will be easier to get back to the cards that fizzled. Lastly but most importantly a diviner's biggest strength, power. With power they can kill quickly and with fewer buffs. If you want to hit big and don't mind the fizzles that come with being a diviner then this is the school for you.

The next school is the School of Death or the magic of Necromancy. We will do the same thing with death. I will use only spells level 27 and lower. These are my stats and deck:

I am going to target the boss first and then go after the minion. I used Vampire on the 5th turn after I feinted and cursed the boss.

Then I killed the minion 4 turns after that.

What we learned about Necromancy here is that it is not all that powerful compared to storm. It is slower then storm at killing monsters because you have to buff your attacks a lot more. The positives of death are that you can heal yourself after you attack and make yourself even harder to defeat because you are healing and killing in one attack! Death is amazing for soloing especially towers (those come in later in Dragonspyre) because they finish battles with all their health or almost all of their health. Death would be for you if you like soloing and like not having to worry too much about your health.

Now we go to the School of Balance or the magic of being a sorcerer. I will go to Sammy again to show you the art of balance. Here are my stats and deck:

Using weakness and traps I kept the damage off me while I added blades and feints onto both enemies. I then finished them off with a sandstorm.

The key to success with a Balance wizard is with his shields and buffs. To win the battle you need to shield a little bit but also buff yourself. You have a lot of health and can go a long time in battle without dying. The big weakness of balance is its weakness in power. Death would be a very good second up to feint to make up for the power loss. Balance is made more for playing in groups and for making others hit harder and kill faster.

If you like playing in groups and working as a team to make the game go faster then I suggested picking balance. If you like going through the spiral and the game by yourself I suggest going with death or storm. The school you choose is always up to you. There are also other schools out there that are awesome too such as life, myth, and fire. Whatever school you choose and deck you use I wish you luck in the spiral.

It may not be the "Friendly" spin on the question you were hoping for but it is the "Active's" spin on it.

Happy Farming!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reaching My Storm Grand!!!!!

Finally I have reached Grandmaster on my storm wizard Angel Stormstaff. It is awesome and what makes it even better I have all my grand clothes!!!!!!!!

My Stormzilla is Ancient and has two of the better talents for questing: +4% pip chance (increasable) and +5% storm attack (increasable). So it can't get any better than this (until I get to epic on Zeus the Stormzilla :P). Delaney isn't going to be on in a while, so I am stuck on the beginning of the forum :-/. Well just better go finish up Jotun and the rest of GH and once Delaney gets back we are going to finish up the Spiral and head on over to those build up quests! Wish us luck!

Until next time

Happy Farming!

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Celestia Release

This is the new Celestia release:

They added a few more mystery characters into the mix! Also look at that dog it looks a bit like the Marleybonians. Hmmmm.

Happy Farming!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Doing What Friendly Did :P

Now the Active Necromancer is going to take a bit from Friendly's book and do some less taklee and more playee. I am going into over drive trying to get Angel finished up and ready for when Celestia is going live so I won't post as much in my efforts to do this. Well while I am in some power playing on storm you guys can go have some:

Happy Farming!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Working on Storm

Well I am so excited about storm I am not going to do any of the warehouse or anything because I am going to do Celestia with my Storm Wizard (he is almost lvl. 45 right now) So I am just leveling him up so I can get storm lord, grand, then Celestia.

See you all later

Happy Farming!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Loading Up the New Updates

Right now I am loading Wizard101 excitedly to see what the actual updates have in store. From the message on the sign in board it says that the prequests have been released. I think I will have to hold off though because I like storm soooooooo much. I think I might have to change my name to The Active Diviner.


Have some Happy Farming out there with the new updates!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Extended Maintenance

There is extended maintenance occurring from 3am-6am Central Time tomorrow morning. I am interested in what Kings Isle is adding or fixing. The link said to come here to see what they are updating here:

Welcome to the July 2010 Update Notes. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This month brings housing, crafting and a new quest to Grizzleheim, plus a preview quest for the much anticipated new world of Celestia!

Update History
To view previous update notes and learn about all the changes made to Wizard101, select a month below.

● 2010 July-Celestia Preview
● 2010 May-Advanced Pets
● 2009 Dec-School Housing
● 2009 Oct-Mounts, Crowns Shop
● 2009 Jul-Grizzleheim, Bazaar, Crafting
● 2009 May-Castles & Lands, Voiceovers
● 2009 Apr-Quest Help, New Spells, PvP
● 2009 Mar-Voiceovers, Shared Bank
● 2009 Feb-True Friends, Booster Packs
● 2009 Jan-Dragonspyre Opens
● 2008 Oct-Access Passes
One Journey Begins, Another Continues

Begin your journey to Celestia
An urgent message has come from a faraway world!. For those of you who have completed the Final Countdown quest in Dragonspyre, visit me, Halston Balestrom, in Ravenwood. I urgently need your assistance!

These are the Preview Quests to Celestia. The world of Celestia will be available later this year.
Note: Due to community feedback, these preview quests will not be required to gain entry to the new world of Celestia when it is released.

Don't Fear the Reaper
Snorri Oysterbloom in Grizzleheim wants to speak with you, but only if you've completed the quest "I'm with the Band"!

If you like these quests, you may be interested in how they were developed and designed with Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult. You can read more at Massively.

Crafting Updates

Crafting comes to Grizzleheim
Torald Wayfinder finally has a new set of recipes, bringing new Grizzleheim items for you to craft. But the really big news is that he was able to find a recipe for a Grizzleheim House!

The crafted Grizzleheim house will be a definite challenge even for our Master Artisan Crafters. Please note this house can only be crafted once per character and if you already have the maximum number of houses (3) on that character, you will not be able to craft this house.

Housing Updates

We know you love your homes, but sometimes unwanted guests arrive, so we're giving our players more ways to control who is in their house.
There are now privacy options to only allow your Friends (but not their friends) to teleport to your home. Look for this in the Privacy Tab when you press ESC in the game.
The owner of a house can send guests away with the "Send Away" option. Just click on a Wizard in your Home and the Friends panel will appear, where you will see the option to "Send Away". The Wizard that was sent away will receive the message "The owner asked you to leave."
More excitement! With the supply routes to and from Grizzleheim populated with millions of Wizards, Grizzleheim housing is now available! Look for it in the Crowns Shop.

Pet Updates

Some updates to pets, big and small. We listened to our players and reassessed some of the features associated with the Pet Pavilion. Details below.
The prices for Hatching pets have been adjusted.
The process of pet Hatching now has a confirmation window to ensure both parties agree to the transaction.
All new level 48 quest reward pets will receive the Power Pip talent.
Life pets such as the EarthWalker will have life boosts, not Myth like some currently give.
IceZilla is now only available through the hatching process.

Dragonspyre Updates

Changes are underway in Dragonspyre
Based on the feedback of many of our Wizards, we have taken a long look at Dragonspyre and made some minor adjustments that will ensure that the world is fun and challenging both for players who play in groups, and for those who play solo.

Living in a lava filled world has had an effect on the residents of Dragonspyre.
the health of many creatures has decreased
the experience rewards have been increased
fewer creatures will need to be defeated to meet quest requirements
fewer items will need to be collected to meet quest requirements
several of the gauntlets have fewer rooms
We feel these changes bring Dragonspyre more in-line with the difficulty to reward balance of the other worlds of the Spiral.

Details, details, details...

Player vs Player
In the next few days we will be implementing a temporary solution to the problem of chain stunning in the Player vs Player Arena. When a player is stunned, four Stun Shields will appear instead of one. Please note this is only a temporary solution while we investigate other ways to resolve the issue of chain stunning in the Arena.
New Clothing
A new Beastmaster Clothing Set is available in the Crowns Shop! It will increase your maximum Pet Energy!
Residents of the Spiral
Old Smokey has found a new place to hang out - look for him in the Ironworks
Dusty Shadowcloud now offers more snacks for sale.
A new Pet Shopkeeper has arrived in Marleybone!
The Master of the Oasis badge will once again be rewarded for completing all the Krokotopia quests. Those who have previously completed all the quests will receive the badge right away.
The Savior of the Spiral badge will no longer be rewarded for simply participating in the duel that defeats Malistaire. Players must have and complete the quest to receive the badge from now on.
The Commander Canteloupe has been promoted to Captain Canteloupe!
Pets are now able to 'love' more snacks from their school.
The humble Tomato will remain in the veggie aisle.
Third time's a charm. Feint will now correctly display the debuffs on the player and opponent, correctly reflecting what is displayed on the card.
White squares should no longer appear around a spell when it is cast.
Death Wizards will find their minions will cast more interesting spells.
Earthquake will now remove prism spells and Spirit Armor created by Rebirth.
Pets that come with a card will now appear to cast the spell when the Wizard chooses to cast that spell from their deck..
The Gift Icon and notification will now only appear when a player logs in. If you change areas, the notification will disappear, and you must log out and back in to see the notification again.
Cyrus has been using his red corrector pen to address minor spelling errors.


So first of they are not making wizards do the preview quests of Celestia to get into Celestia. I don't really mind either way. The preview quests were interesting. The way they have worded it though leads me to believe that they will be coming possibly as a side quest or something like that.

Also another quest following the "I'm in the Band" quests coming to the live realm. I don't really know what these are I have not even done the first quest of that.

Grizzlehiem crafting is also coming live. With that you can craft and do other various things such as even craft a house. I am definitely excited to do that.

Now if you don't want to have a party in your house you can stop it! You can now control the ability for friends-friends from porting into your house that are unwanted to be there. I definetly like that new update I have had it happen very many times where my friend ported then all there friends ported and I had no way to kick them out.

There are pet updates where the hatching prices is decreased and many other various things that I am excited about.

Dragonspyre has essentially been made easier by decreasing the hit points and it sounds like it is more solo able. It is interesting that they do that but I guess it is so they can make a step up in hardness with Celestia without it being extremely hard.

There is also smaller updates that are nice but all and all I am very impressed in the new updates Kings Isle is putting in.

Happy Farming!

Life Scarab

I was doing Shirataki Temple with Delaney Darkheart and I couldn't believe it, I got the Life Scarab from the Plague Oni! I never get that lucky! Well here is my proof picture:

By the way don't you think the name it was giving is AWESOME! I do :)


I give you my luck (if I have any left) for some:

Happy Farming!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I really think that Celestia will becoming to the test realm soon or that the build up quests will be coming out soon. Because:

1. There was recently a crowns sale. This means that most likely they will be releasing something soon. I am figuring this because I have seen a pattern of when they have big sales on things such as they did with the 25% of all crown purchases over $25. Most likely I think that they would like too have wizards buy crowns for the new area that is being released, in this case Celestia/Build-Up-Quests.

2. The Build-Up-Quests have been in the test realm between 1 and 3 weeks (I am not really sure how long) and it seems like it has been in the test realm for quite a long time. The Build-Up-Quests isn't a very big thing such as the Advanced Pet System they released recently. Since it has been in so long I expect it might be released soon or possibly part of Celestia (or all of it) will be added on to the Build-Up-Quests.

3. There are not very many characters left in the photo that Kings Isle gave us for Celestia. I have also noticed that they have been releasing the photo updates more and more recently which leads me to believe that they are getting quite close to doing something else with Celestia.

These might not be what exactly happens or even close to what happens they are just what I think will happen due to my observations of what is happening in the Spiral currently.

Happy Farming

Petnome Ad Picture!

Check it out it is the Petnome Ad Picture:

I am front left in the red xD xD

I turned out amazing, nice job Kevin!!!!!!!!

Happy Farming

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Done all my side quests

Hey my storm wiz is done all his side quests and is ready to start the main quests with Delaney. Logging on right now to hope I see her to work on them. Gotta keep leveling up my level 38 Diviner. You know the Triton quest well I am on it and I can't wait to get it. Well thats the update on Angel Stormstaff.

Happy Farming

Monday, July 5, 2010

Petnome Photo Shoot Going Waaaaaaaay Overtime

The Petnome Photo Shoot has Gone 20 minutes over the projected 2 hours right now and we are still working at it. Kevin Battleblood is doing an amazing job but just not everybody is being cooperative. Many people are leaving and we have to find new people to get red and blue. :(


Happy Farming!

Petnome Photo Shoot!!!!!

I am at the photo shoot with my awesome red clothing!!!!! Wooooooo go petnome!!!!

And look there is a Friendly sighting!!!!!

But his friend list is too big :(

Happy Farming

Celestia Released Update

Well this is a little late but I guess there was another release and I missed it, hmmm. Well here it is anyway.

Happy Farming!

Hmm, a storm Wiz!

Ok right now I am in Mooshu doing yet another character with Delaney Darkheart. Geez I am truely addicted to this game. His name is Angel Stormstaff and is level 36. Delaney and I are doing the whole main quests completely together this time. So currently I am doing Mooshu side quests until Delaney is back on and is ready to kick but in Mooshu. I also have completed all the Grizzlehiem quests that I can.

Happy Farming!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Farming the Ravens and a Pretty Cool Glitch

Ok one of the best farming choices, as everyone knows, is the Coven or commonly known as the Ravens. Well after farming many times and porting in I found out that if you port exactly as the person goes into the Coven and disappears from the group former you are not ported to inside the Coven.

Hmmm? All I can say is hmm. Just keep on porting after they get in i guess.

Also for you life and death people Oyotomi is an amazing farm for money.

I found I could defeat him in 2 minutes average for 500 gold each battle well

Happy Farming