Friday, July 30, 2010

Wayfinder Clothing Giving Hints to Celestia?

As I was running the Warehouse (a loss by the way to the final boss) I got the Wayfinder Boots from the Crab boss. I thought they were quite cool but also might lead us into the new type of game play. If you think about it the clothes made us adaptable to more difficult situations as we moved through the worlds. We got our first clothes that were game changing in a way after we hit approximatively level 10. This is when we venture into having more enemies in one mob battle. The clothes allowed us to adapt to the new difficulties thrown at us. So could the Wayfinder clothes be our first hints into what Celestia will be like? Lets see:

With 140 health you have to consider:

-This is a quite high of a health give from a boot. From this you could deduce that possibly health becomes a much bigger necessity. I predict as we saw in the Warehouse that normal enemies and bosses will be higher health and have better power pip chances, thus being able to cast more powerful spells faster.

-Kings Isle could possibly increase mob battles and boss battles to having 3 enemies. The increased health would help us solo with increased monsters. I'm not sure, but it could possibly happen but it is unlikely.

Power pip chance 4%:

-As said above this could possibly mean increased mob/boss pip chance and procs for interruptions with bosses. This also could mean a super power pip or something like this that gives 3 pips for one school (this isn't my idea I have heard it on various blogs and threads on wizard101 central)? Maybe you are allowed to get this once you have over 100%? Then you get power pips all the time, but have a super pip percentage for every percent you have over 100%, such as: 133% power pip chance means you have all power pips and 33% chance at super pips? This isn't for sure but it could happen ^_^

4% defense to all schools:

-This could possibly mean that there will be more powerful spells that are being cast.We could learn 8 pip spells (enemies too) with power pip chance going up and having more defense to all schools it will make it easier to have higher damaging spells.

- Having defense to all schools on most Celestia Clothing could mean that mob/boss enemies could have it too. This would mean that all attacks will be reduced, thus meaning longer battles.

- With the theme of reducing damage of spells even more you could have an Aura. An Aura is basically the "bubbles" that go over the battle field and effect all spells cast until another Aura is cast such as Darkwind for storm. Kings Isle could make a defense Aura. For 3 pips you could cast an Aura that does 50%% less damage to everything. This would be good for if your team is getting low on health and you would not be doing any damage, just healing and buffing. Once your team is all healed up you could put up another Aura. Kings Isle could have an "Aura Take Down" card which could take down the Aura for 1 pip. In that theme they could also come out with a Fizzle Aura. You never know what will happen, Kings Isle is VERY creative!

Hope this gives you some insight on to what possibly Celestia will be like and possibly the Astral Schools by looking at the new clothing that we are finding in the Warehouse. The clothing we wear has always made us the type of wizard we are through out the whole game.

Happy Farming for those new Celestial clothes!!!!!

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  1. Yea, 8-Ranked Spells, and I hope CL (Celestia) Gear turns out better! :)