Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Question from Friendly's Mail Box

The Friendly Necromancer has been overloaded with his mailbox and was wondering if some of his blogger club could help him out a little. Friendly generously accepted my offer to help and gave me a question.

Here is a question from Mike:


Hi,I know you probably won't read or respond to this, but if you do, I would be very happy for your time and help. I ama level 27 Thaumaturge, but am not enjoying it. Ifigured I would make a new character, eitheras a Diviner, Necromancer, or Sorcerer. I was wondering if you could help me pick, and also help create a deck for thecharacter.


Ok, let’s go overto Marleybone at Hyde Park andtry out some deckfor a Diviner, Necromancer, and Sorcerer to find some strengths in each school (this is with my grandmasters of each class with no clothes and about 40% pip chance)

Let’s start out with a diviner and go to the boss battle Sammy O' Leary. I am planning for a level 27 wizardand only use spells 27 and below.

First I will use the strategy of attacking each enemy by first attacking the boss. Here are my stats and deck:

I defeated the boss in three turns with a bladed and trapped Kraken for 916 damage.

Then after I fizzled twice on two Krakens I killed the minion with 387 health left.

From this we learned that becoming with becoming a diviner you must quickly buff and attack because, one, diviners have low health. The second reason is because they have very low accuracy. You should keep a very small deck like I did in case you fizzle, because it will be easier to get back to the cards that fizzled. Lastly but most importantly a diviner's biggest strength, power. With power they can kill quickly and with fewer buffs. If you want to hit big and don't mind the fizzles that come with being a diviner then this is the school for you.

The next school is the School of Death or the magic of Necromancy. We will do the same thing with death. I will use only spells level 27 and lower. These are my stats and deck:

I am going to target the boss first and then go after the minion. I used Vampire on the 5th turn after I feinted and cursed the boss.

Then I killed the minion 4 turns after that.

What we learned about Necromancy here is that it is not all that powerful compared to storm. It is slower then storm at killing monsters because you have to buff your attacks a lot more. The positives of death are that you can heal yourself after you attack and make yourself even harder to defeat because you are healing and killing in one attack! Death is amazing for soloing especially towers (those come in later in Dragonspyre) because they finish battles with all their health or almost all of their health. Death would be for you if you like soloing and like not having to worry too much about your health.

Now we go to the School of Balance or the magic of being a sorcerer. I will go to Sammy again to show you the art of balance. Here are my stats and deck:

Using weakness and traps I kept the damage off me while I added blades and feints onto both enemies. I then finished them off with a sandstorm.

The key to success with a Balance wizard is with his shields and buffs. To win the battle you need to shield a little bit but also buff yourself. You have a lot of health and can go a long time in battle without dying. The big weakness of balance is its weakness in power. Death would be a very good second up to feint to make up for the power loss. Balance is made more for playing in groups and for making others hit harder and kill faster.

If you like playing in groups and working as a team to make the game go faster then I suggested picking balance. If you like going through the spiral and the game by yourself I suggest going with death or storm. The school you choose is always up to you. There are also other schools out there that are awesome too such as life, myth, and fire. Whatever school you choose and deck you use I wish you luck in the spiral.

It may not be the "Friendly" spin on the question you were hoping for but it is the "Active's" spin on it.

Happy Farming!


  1. What an outstanding post!! Excellent comparison and the pictures of the decks you used make it interesting to see someone else's approach.

    I think the three schools discussed are all great ones to try because they give three very different experiences. The question should really be which one to do first (or next) because they're all worth trying.

    Death is just awesome for soloing. As you said, finishing each level of a tower with full health just spoils you rotten. By the end of Dragonspyre, I was getting pretty lazy, carrying no heals and only 2 shields, which I'd usually discard. I'd also point out that, like balance, death teaches you to buff up with traps and blades. In fact Death gets a trap at level 2 so you learn this lesson right from the beginning.

    I found storm to be very, very frustrating at lower levels. I actually quit my diviner at level 16 to create my necromancer. When I returned to storm, I found it became a lot of fun once you got tempest at level 28 and gear that fixed the poor accuracy at levels 30 and 35. In the later game, storm is a lot of fun but fizzling so much will drive you crazy in the first half so people should think about their personality and whether or not they have the patience to handle that.

    I'd love to try a balance wizard but I know that’s not a good fit for me. Since the traps and blades are generic (not school specific), I would be setting them off by accident all the time. You have to really pay attention when you play balance so if you're not observant or tend to be a little forgetful, balance may not be the school for you.

    KI has done a great job making each school unique and you learn a lot by trying the different ones. Don't be afraid to dabble in more than one, but realize they all change as you progress so don’t write one off too early.

    Blaze Deathcaster (Level 50 Death)
    Blaze Windrunner (Level 47 Storm)

  2. Where did you get the Deck of the Last from?

  3. I believe it is usually available at the bazaar. I also think that it is a normal drop from any mob or boss.