Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can't find the port bus D:

I can't find anybody to port bus me into amber's birthday party (A Savior of the Spiral) :( I am gonna miss it :(

Hey Update Time

So I got a Storm Oni from a hatch with a helephant last night. I am getting a little bored right now and a lot anticipating Celestia. Oh well I guess I will give me more time to work on my big school project and do less playing of wizard101... I am spending most of my time at Boulderbone hoping for a lot of Robe of Theorem drops so I can rack up some gold quickly for more hatches. I have gotten about a million weapons cache and the stew pot things. I also got a random housing item it was like a hoe or something like a gardening tool. It was pretty cool. I think I have defeated Boulderbone at least 500 times now... lol. I have gotten 2 hatches out of him and I will have another tonight. My hatch time is like 9 o'clock because that is when my hatcher resets :) I am hoping to go to A Savior of the Spiral's birthday party. I don't know her in-game yet and really want to wish her a happy birthday and see the party she is putting on. So I tried to RSVP on her comment area like it said on her blog.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Predictions of the Future for Wizard101

I have been thinking about what will happen years from now with wizard101 and I have a lot of ideas for what will happen.

One of my favorite ideas is that after many new worlds come out you could have one inter-world dungeon. In this dungeon there would be bosses from each world you must beat progressing to the most difficult boss of a world available. You would first start off with (It would be really awesome to have Professor Ambrose here) the Wizard City boss would be either Lord Nightshade or Grubb. The second boss moving on to Krokotopia would be Krokopatra (These first bosses could have health increases to make them more difficult). The third boss would be from Marleybone and could be Meowearty and his gang you face at the top of Big Ben. The third boss from Mooshu could be like the old Mooshu final battle with all the Oni's together in one fight with the Jade Oni being the primary boss with his 7,000 health. Before Malistare you could have the Ravens as a fun little thing but it is not a main quest so I am not sure. Next would be Malistare the Dragonspyre final boss and the final boss of the game as it is right now. Depending on how powerful we get we could have the hit points go up to super (lol) Malistare again. Most likely the final boss in Celestia will be Morgathe the Umbra Queen. These are all we know about so far but I could add on to this list of Inter-World dungeon bosses once more information on more worlds are released. Obviously this is just a idea and has no guarantees, I just think it would be pretty cool if we had this in the game.

My next idea is an add-on to the inter-world dungeon idea. With how tough this dungeon will be it would be really amazing to have amazing drops here to make the dungeon appealing to farm and to do over and over again. You could incorporate the idea of having a different difficulty set so you get better loot for doing the harder levels (but listen to icy wiz all loot is good loot!). Maybe the levels could be accessible to all levels but so that the wizards don't get caught in an area that is too tough for them there could be a port out area and a sign that says "This area is meant for ____ level and you are not that level yet are you sure you want to continue?" This will allow low level wizards to see future bosses but not necessarily be able to defeat them. Maybe the area of where the boss is could also look like the world that he/she is located in, showing also a sneak peek of what the future worlds will look like for the wizards who have not leveled up to the proper level to reach ___ world yet. Just an idea.

These are some ideas (SOME FOUND ON OTHER BLOGGERS SITES AND OTHER PLACES) I would like to see happen in future years:

- Customizable Boss Tower in your house

- Mail box to send messages to friends without them being on (also to see the last time they logged in)

- "Super Pip"

- Bank to store money

(I do not wish to steal anyones ideas, I just want to compile a list of ideas for Wizard101's future)

-Mini games to play just for gold (My Idea).

-A training area where you would be x amount of crowns to be able to train a dungeon over and over again for the same experience (like we did before). (This is my idea also.)

- A PvE arena which is like the PvP arena but instead of players you play to get tickets and ranks you play enemies (this would be seperate from PvP, give different prizes, different ranks, and have no relation to PvP what-so-ever). ( My idea also)

- Experience Snacks for Players! After a battle the player could eat a snack to get +__ amount of experience added on. (My idea also).

- Also I am excitedly waiting more pets, robes, crown items to farm for.

This is The Active Necromancer and
It's Farm Time!

Monday, September 27, 2010

1000th view and 51st post

Just had my 1000th view and 51 st post! :) yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Warehouse Run Help

I am in need of a good team to do the warehouse and I was wondering if any of the bloggers or readers are interested in helping the Active Necro out with his Celestia pre-quest that I have been procrastinating.

(or maybe warehouse time)
Its Farm Time!

Celestian Update

I finally figured out what was updated! :)

Look and you will see lol

Its Farm Time for that new thing (trying not to spoil the discovery lol)

Update post

Haven't posted lately again. Just about finish Grizzlehiem finally. Yeah finally the coven is dead for a quest for once. lol. Here are some pictures:Then me hanging with my new Grizzlehiem friends! lol
In other news I am done the Selena quest and I am pretty happy!

I am making another post in a few minutes with a Celestia update.

Its Farm time!

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Celestia Character Reveal!

Here it is:

ha... it looks like a ship mast, you know on the front... Ghost ship!!!!! :P

Maybe it's a boss and we can farm her! (doubt it probably a NPC)

So when Celestia comes out:

It's Farm Time!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Test Realm is On, Let the Selena Madness Begin

LOL there will probably not be Selena madness, well maybe a little xD.

See you in the test realm!

Selena NPC Picture and Video Link

Here is the link for the video!

Look at her picture as a NPC:

Awesome, right!

For some awesome snap shots that were taken of the video go to Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards.

See you cause it's farm time!

New Spells + Selena Gomez= Celestia Fun

The new release has made me soooooo excited. Selena Gomez looks like she will be a lot of fun with all the quests also with the dancing crabs! I wonder what type of quest she would give it says "Round and Round" and "A Year Without Rain" just like her songs, hmmm. I also am super excited for the new spells, they look like single attack spells but I could be wrong. They also look like myth and balance spells. I wonder if there will be more spells for other schools too, probably. I also wonder if those spells are astral magic, hmm. I heard on a different blog that Malistare said that Celestia will be released on the 29th I think... I love this! Celestia is awesome! Well, I saw they showed a "Celestia Street" with you swimming and on a mount; That looked wicked awesome! Kingsisle you are the best, any other mmorpg would never tell what they were going to do they would make it a "Surprise" they would also never make something as cool as this! To say the least I love you guys and this game!

New bosses of Celestia is coming so get out there because it will be on the 29th:

Farm Time!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Celestia Time!

Ignore the random title I just felt we needed something about Celestia :P lol. Well anyways, I AM GOING TO START BLOGGING. I don't care that nobody supports me right now because I love blogging. I just realized that looking back at my past posts and remembering doing them and having so much fun with them. So Active's Back! Always remember never quit, that has always been my motto... I got a little of track there but I am back. Never quitting and hard working is what all the songs are about on the playlist here ------------------->
This is the way I always have and will live so if you don't like hard work, DEAL WITH IT! :P
Well happy or not I am back so go to the bosses (especially Yeva :P) because:

It's Farm Time!

P.S. I changed my template back. LOL

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long Break Possibly Over

Well I took a really long break from blogging, but not wizard101 :P I am just not sure whether to continue blogging the little stuff or maybe long posts too because school has started and things are just getting a little stressed out for me right now and I am just not sure what to do :/... That was a long sentence xD. I just need you guys input if you want me back or really don't care... Well anyways.

And yes my blog is orange.. myth.. it is because I am in a mythy mood because I am working on my sixth and last character Charles Mythcaster.

Not Happy Farming cause I just realized that was Arlen's first...

Happy Anticipation of Celestia.. nah

Farm Time!- eh I kinda like that :)