Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Spells + Selena Gomez= Celestia Fun

The new release has made me soooooo excited. Selena Gomez looks like she will be a lot of fun with all the quests also with the dancing crabs! I wonder what type of quest she would give it says "Round and Round" and "A Year Without Rain" just like her songs, hmmm. I also am super excited for the new spells, they look like single attack spells but I could be wrong. They also look like myth and balance spells. I wonder if there will be more spells for other schools too, probably. I also wonder if those spells are astral magic, hmm. I heard on a different blog that Malistare said that Celestia will be released on the 29th I think... I love this! Celestia is awesome! Well, I saw they showed a "Celestia Street" with you swimming and on a mount; That looked wicked awesome! Kingsisle you are the best, any other mmorpg would never tell what they were going to do they would make it a "Surprise" they would also never make something as cool as this! To say the least I love you guys and this game!

New bosses of Celestia is coming so get out there because it will be on the 29th:

Farm Time!

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