Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things not as planned

So I might not be as "active" as I was hoping to be now because I made varsity baseball. My time at home is pretty much almost none between that and homework. I will try to still post every couple of days, but they will probably be small like my previous post and this one.

Happy... Not sure what to put here :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gardening.... Problems.

So over the past week when I have been going hard at trying to garden (after achieving grandmaster artisan) I found something out..... I am absolutely terrible at planning of using energy and organizing my garden. I never seem to have enough energy to get all those pesky bugs off and also keep up the needs of the plants. I can get some of my plants through, but occasionally they flip to wilting and it is a perpetual juggle between wilting and mature for that last plant in the line. What do you think I should do? Better organization of plants. Better usage of energy. Not have as many needy plants. I am totally terrible at gardening... lol. Not even the short guide that Friendly made and the other guides that I look at are helping this sorrowful gardener. I just don't have the green finger I guess, maybe thats why I am a death wizard O. o

Oh no! My Prickly Bear Cacti are wilting!

Good luck with Gardening!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Timer Theory

So, my theory about the timer is that it will be news of the new world Wintertusk. My supporting info are in these screenshots:
Here we have the timer ending on April 1st, something special arrives in the Spiral.
Here we have more information about Winter tusk. It specificly says: "watch for more details to come in our Ravenwood Bulletin News." Now I go to the Ravenwood Bulletin, the monthly newsletter.
So here is the final clue, this is the monthly newsletter. Look it says March 1st. The 1st of every month is when they release each monthly news letter. I think that the April 1st will be the release of the monthly newsletter of April, with information about Wintertusk! Whether this will be that it is live in the test realm or just more about what it is, I am not sure. I could also be it has nothing due with Wintertusk, but just some cool new information in the Newsletter. But from the detective skills (lol :P) I have just used, I think that most likely the newsletter will be about Wintertusk and that is the Special thing, coming to the spiral (Test Realm).

Happy Theorizing

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Refresh Button Can't Go Fast Enough!

So today (as the title implies) I have been working on Bazaar Sniping ghost fire and diamonds... ugh crafting. Still waiting on a group to help out on Johton (I think I misspelled it). Also working my way up on gardening with my prickly bear cactus :P Anyways crafting and Grizzleheim is what I am up to right now. Maybe some derby. Still anticipating that special surprise in the spiral :)

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting Back

So I have been busy, like really busy. I feel so bad that I haven't been posting. I am going to try to post as much as I can but most likely they will be smaller posts.

So the new world, Wintertusk, has been announced recently and I am really excited! I definetly think the timer on the launch page has something to do with more info on Wintertusk, but I could be wrong. Like Arlen said it could always be an April Fools Joke!

So lately in game I have been playing Grizzleheim to get ready for Wintertusk, gosh that world looks so cool and included is New Spells and New Pets, Woot Woot! I have dyed my new outfit (mixture of Mega-card clothes and best 58 gear) and got the Egg Pet from a hatch with Arlen!!!

I also have been messing around in the Derby hopping to raise my Rank

And then I have been also trying the Gardening, Journeyman Rank 6 I think :)
Also on Sloan I am on the Mooshu crafting (Angel, storm, is almost master artisan).

Thats whats been happening ITS

Happy Anticipation!