Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gardening.... Problems.

So over the past week when I have been going hard at trying to garden (after achieving grandmaster artisan) I found something out..... I am absolutely terrible at planning of using energy and organizing my garden. I never seem to have enough energy to get all those pesky bugs off and also keep up the needs of the plants. I can get some of my plants through, but occasionally they flip to wilting and it is a perpetual juggle between wilting and mature for that last plant in the line. What do you think I should do? Better organization of plants. Better usage of energy. Not have as many needy plants. I am totally terrible at gardening... lol. Not even the short guide that Friendly made and the other guides that I look at are helping this sorrowful gardener. I just don't have the green finger I guess, maybe thats why I am a death wizard O. o

Oh no! My Prickly Bear Cacti are wilting!

Good luck with Gardening!


  1. Instead of putting them in a line, arrange the pots in hexagonal or circular groups that fit inside the spell rings. Group like plants together, they should get the same needs around the same time.

  2. Agreed with Sierra. Need to put them in a circle, those lines are tough and you can't put many plants in without being overwhelmed by needs, etc. Good luck :)