Sunday, March 27, 2011

Timer Theory

So, my theory about the timer is that it will be news of the new world Wintertusk. My supporting info are in these screenshots:
Here we have the timer ending on April 1st, something special arrives in the Spiral.
Here we have more information about Winter tusk. It specificly says: "watch for more details to come in our Ravenwood Bulletin News." Now I go to the Ravenwood Bulletin, the monthly newsletter.
So here is the final clue, this is the monthly newsletter. Look it says March 1st. The 1st of every month is when they release each monthly news letter. I think that the April 1st will be the release of the monthly newsletter of April, with information about Wintertusk! Whether this will be that it is live in the test realm or just more about what it is, I am not sure. I could also be it has nothing due with Wintertusk, but just some cool new information in the Newsletter. But from the detective skills (lol :P) I have just used, I think that most likely the newsletter will be about Wintertusk and that is the Special thing, coming to the spiral (Test Realm).

Happy Theorizing

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  1. Oh, didn't think about that. Personnaly though, I think this is some cruel april fools joke KI is doing. Then again, it could just be reverse psychology.