Friday, October 22, 2010

Active (Angry) Update

Okay so right now I am really busy with school and all but I am putting in probably a post a week for the next 2 weeks because of the end of a really large project date coming up. So far I am finally farming Nightshade and Jade Oni for the Black Cat. I finally got the Blue Cat Thug from Baron Mordecai. I am hopefully planning a Celestia Goes Live Contest with amazing treasure cards.

Now I saw the new changes in the TR and I am really disappointed. For one I was really excited for the new aspect and gear the 2 pip wands would add... I think it is really a let down taking this new content away from us.

Second the Wild Bolt I am disappointed, although not greatly, because I enjoyed using it every once in a while in a PvE battle just for a chance of a one hit kill. It takes away 2 pips with doing only 1 damage 17.5% of the time. So you have a chance of hitting with a 1, 10, or 100 about a 52% chance (including fizzles). The chance of 1000 is 17.5%-18% making it only slightly more than normal wild bolt with the chance of losing pips for less than satisfactory attack over 50% of the time fizzling the other 30%. To me this is just a waste and if it goes live then it will be permanently removed from my deck. Congrats to all who think storm is overpowered you have complained enough to give storm another spell that most won't use! Do we take away Ice shields from Ice players because they are powerful in PvP, no, but we take away Storm's advantege because of some complainers.... That is just not right.

Then the also removal of the spells that deduct pips. Again I am not happy. These spells could just be banned from PvP instead of removing them from the game. Those spells would have been really helpful and add a new aspect to the game that I was excited to try, but again because of the precious PvP player conflict then IT MUST GO. That is TOTALLY not fair to base a game which was originally based on PvE on PvP. I think it is not right that PvP now becomes the most important thing in the game. What about the PvE players? Give them something please because I am one of them! We want these cool new things back so we can have something fun and an advantage.

I vote to change it back! Go against PvP! lol!


-Sloan and Angel (now the complainers about the complainers)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whats up?

Between the drama in the Fantasy House (I am not popular enough to complain, big whoop 10 followers lol) and farming with Arlen over at the Two Headed Wizard Blog I am just dumb-founded on what to post. I have a BIG PROJECT right now I mean real big, like a hundred pages (68 pages in) so after this post back to work I: So far with all the Farming I have done I have come up with the following:

By the way sorry about the non-crop forgot that was only on the test realm with he automatic crop and I don't have the time to go fix it...

-The amazing, rare greater imp pet :)
-2 Blue Banshees
-2 Midnight Sprites
-Happy, Pirate and Cool Pumpkin Masks
-And the Silly Pumpkin Staff

EDIT! You guys are awesome 1500 views! EDIT!
Goodbye from Sloan

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wizardversery Date December 10th

You heard it, my Wizardversery Party will be on December 10th and take note this is my second year and first party!

- Oran Thuderhammer (my first character ) :P Fire level 50

Celestia Wallpaper #14

It's the alien guy in the IGN video 0.0
Invading the Celestian Update :)
Watch out for that mean guy in the live realm!
Wooooooo Celestia!!!!!!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Fantasy House!

- Angel the Fantasy House Detective

Sun spells, Level 58 Spells, and stopping at level 52

Ok, first of I have found that I cannot click on any attack after clicking on the sun spell "Strong". I don't know if this is a glitch or not... Nobody has reported any use of the Sun Spells and I am not sure why the community isn't worried about them not working... Maybe it is just me and the Test Realm is mad at me! LOL! Well never mind they just worked on my life attack spells but not a normal wraith... Not sure about that problem
These are the level 58 spells:
Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.Click image for larger version  Name: user87326_pic125328_1286781768[1].jpg Views: 14 Size: 8.5 KB ID: 40744Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

Woo cool spells. Now I am level 52 on the test realm seen a bit of Celestia but I will now be stopping power leveling except to just fool around in CL when I am bored. See you all in Celestia when it goes live!

-Sloan is in Celestia (not Angel lol)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Celestia Is Out!

Wooo Celestia Madness has begun. Loading up the test realm now. I won't post until Sunday most likely on the findings since I am really busy.. Poor me :( Well off to Celestia!

-Sloan/Angel The Farming Celestians

Hatching Unluckiness, No Celestia, and trying to find my Wizardversity

I have failed to get a hybrid six times in a row now :( Still farming Oyotomi though and looking for a Orthrus to make a Jade Orthrus with. Hint Hint Arlen :P I have hatched with practically every type of level 48 pet. I have been hatching with my satyr because they seem really popular for hatching :) he has gotten to Adult with horrible skill. The selfish skill is Astute and I have Pip Boost because I had him before the Advanced Pet Update! lol That long and I haven't finished Dragonspyre and haven't gotten Blaze to grand :( Well.
Still no Celestia. I now expect that Celestia won't come out until at least next Tuesday most likely next Thursday. Probably won't even come out next week! Well I am a little disappointed to say the least but I am really waiting for The Friendly Necromancer video of most likely Celestia sneak-peeks. I think I might continue with my death into Celestia instead of my storm.
Well I am trying to find my Wizardversery. I have been playing for over two years now I think. I have been playing since right after the beta ended and Wizard101 put up their first commercial because that is how I found out about it. Once I figure out my Wizardversery I am gonna have a belated 2 year party or if it is in like November which I think it is I am gonna wait until then :) I am so excited to hold my first party. WOOT WOOT!

-Sloan/Angel/Blaze The Farmers

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Darn, No Celestia Yet

I was wrong on my prediction of information being given on Celestia yesterday :( guess it wasn't such a Celestial feeling. Oh well... On another note I need to finish my life wizard because I really want to finish Dragonspyre before Celestia comes out. I really need to finish him so if anyone wants to help leave a comment. So KI is leaving the whole Wizard community holding its breath for Celestia everyday. I don't know about others but every morning when I wake up I run to my computer anxiously and load up wizard101 only to my disappointment so far. Hopefully maybe tomorrow? Probably not. I want some clues Kingsisle and I want Celestia xD I am done all the Selena quests except on my life. Gonna go do that now.

Happy Leveling

-Sloan/Angel The Farmers

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cass B-day (witchwarrior101)

Soooo went to the awesome birthday party of Cassandra, aka witchwarrior101. It was amazing even though I didn't win the costume contest, The Two Headed Wizard did xD Anyways.

The Costume Contest!
I forgot to take a picture at the after party at Cass's house. Well summary is The Two Headed Wiz and I fought over candy and he maned his *meat* cleaver xD Then I turned invisable in the Celestia Room in Cass's house and told everyone Celestia is Live :P Then I told them all you need to do is jump in the fountain. See fountain in Two Headed Wiz blog

Next we went to the after after part at Friendly's house

Checkin' Friendly's Unicorn Ride

Friendly hiding in his sanctuary while he was afk

Happy birthday picture the Helpful Sorcerer took

And thats it, people headed over to free realms but I fail at free realms so I logged off lol.
BTW the party was over 3 hours lol :P

-Sloan/Angel The Farmers

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Celestial Feeling

I feel that later today there will be an announcement that Celestia will be coming to the test realms on Monday... Or maybe a Monday surprise. I just read the October newsletter and it just kinda felt right that it was gonna happen on Monday. The day the newsletter was posted in relationship to this date. The comment: "More details will be announced once Celestia arrives in the Test Realm soon. Watch the game launch window for updates!"

After Reading that I just thought that it would be that more news will come and the test realm possibly on Monday. Just a thought :) but I think it will happen :P or maybe just me wanting it to happen lol. Back to farming Boulderbone lol.

-Sloan/Angel The Farmers

The Active Update

Sorry about not posting yesterday, I had an away soccer game and didn't get back until 10 last night. We won! Yayyyyyyy! So now I just got the bundle for a year's subscription and the crowns for just $80 pretty awesome. Now I gotta work a bit more to get the money back :I It's worth it though. obviously didn't do my daily hatch yesterday and probably won't do it today due to working around the house to make a lot of the money back. Wonder what I will do with those crowns? Hmmmmm.... I probably will save them to see what crowns items comes with Celestia and if they don't appeal to me... SHARK MOUNT! lol

-Thats The Active Update with Sloan and Angel

Friday, October 1, 2010

Amber's Party!

The Party last night was awesome I loved it!!! Here are some pictures:
Here I just go to the party :)

Then Arlen.. opps I mean Selena started singing Round and Round for Amber :P

We were having the after party around the campfire will I was watching the video of the beginning of the party which I missed because I was eating. We were sing the Campfire-song-song lol
Then we (Arlen, Gabriel, Victoria, and I) went to the After Party at Tarlac's Arlen Dawneye's alts pace (Cause Amber kicked us out lol! don't worry everyone got kicked out it was the end of the party :P) and had some fun being all stuck in a wall :P
Then Tarlac and Gabriel left and we had some fun with ghosts and invisibility lol.

That was it, everyone had a great time and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER!

It's Farm Time with Sloan and Angel!