Friday, October 1, 2010

Amber's Party!

The Party last night was awesome I loved it!!! Here are some pictures:
Here I just go to the party :)

Then Arlen.. opps I mean Selena started singing Round and Round for Amber :P

We were having the after party around the campfire will I was watching the video of the beginning of the party which I missed because I was eating. We were sing the Campfire-song-song lol
Then we (Arlen, Gabriel, Victoria, and I) went to the After Party at Tarlac's Arlen Dawneye's alts pace (Cause Amber kicked us out lol! don't worry everyone got kicked out it was the end of the party :P) and had some fun being all stuck in a wall :P
Then Tarlac and Gabriel left and we had some fun with ghosts and invisibility lol.

That was it, everyone had a great time and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER!

It's Farm Time with Sloan and Angel!

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