Monday, October 4, 2010

Cass B-day (witchwarrior101)

Soooo went to the awesome birthday party of Cassandra, aka witchwarrior101. It was amazing even though I didn't win the costume contest, The Two Headed Wizard did xD Anyways.

The Costume Contest!
I forgot to take a picture at the after party at Cass's house. Well summary is The Two Headed Wiz and I fought over candy and he maned his *meat* cleaver xD Then I turned invisable in the Celestia Room in Cass's house and told everyone Celestia is Live :P Then I told them all you need to do is jump in the fountain. See fountain in Two Headed Wiz blog

Next we went to the after after part at Friendly's house

Checkin' Friendly's Unicorn Ride

Friendly hiding in his sanctuary while he was afk

Happy birthday picture the Helpful Sorcerer took

And thats it, people headed over to free realms but I fail at free realms so I logged off lol.
BTW the party was over 3 hours lol :P

-Sloan/Angel The Farmers

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