Friday, October 8, 2010

Hatching Unluckiness, No Celestia, and trying to find my Wizardversity

I have failed to get a hybrid six times in a row now :( Still farming Oyotomi though and looking for a Orthrus to make a Jade Orthrus with. Hint Hint Arlen :P I have hatched with practically every type of level 48 pet. I have been hatching with my satyr because they seem really popular for hatching :) he has gotten to Adult with horrible skill. The selfish skill is Astute and I have Pip Boost because I had him before the Advanced Pet Update! lol That long and I haven't finished Dragonspyre and haven't gotten Blaze to grand :( Well.
Still no Celestia. I now expect that Celestia won't come out until at least next Tuesday most likely next Thursday. Probably won't even come out next week! Well I am a little disappointed to say the least but I am really waiting for The Friendly Necromancer video of most likely Celestia sneak-peeks. I think I might continue with my death into Celestia instead of my storm.
Well I am trying to find my Wizardversery. I have been playing for over two years now I think. I have been playing since right after the beta ended and Wizard101 put up their first commercial because that is how I found out about it. Once I figure out my Wizardversery I am gonna have a belated 2 year party or if it is in like November which I think it is I am gonna wait until then :) I am so excited to hold my first party. WOOT WOOT!

-Sloan/Angel/Blaze The Farmers


  1. Don't give up on those Hybrids, I've had eight failures in ten tries. Twenty percent chance of success isn't good, but it does happen sooner or later!

  2. Yeah... Thanks I think I am coming into a bunch of hybrids soon. At least hopefully :P