Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Darn, No Celestia Yet

I was wrong on my prediction of information being given on Celestia yesterday :( guess it wasn't such a Celestial feeling. Oh well... On another note I need to finish my life wizard because I really want to finish Dragonspyre before Celestia comes out. I really need to finish him so if anyone wants to help leave a comment. So KI is leaving the whole Wizard community holding its breath for Celestia everyday. I don't know about others but every morning when I wake up I run to my computer anxiously and load up wizard101 only to my disappointment so far. Hopefully maybe tomorrow? Probably not. I want some clues Kingsisle and I want Celestia xD I am done all the Selena quests except on my life. Gonna go do that now.

Happy Leveling

-Sloan/Angel The Farmers


  1. Sloan, this is Gabriel FireBreeze, and I'd like to help ya, you know me on your storm and death.
    I'm getting on right now. You probably won't read this right away, just letting you know that I'd like to help. :)

  2. Thanks Gabriel! I am getting on now so I will meet you on my storm.