Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Celestia Time!

Ignore the random title I just felt we needed something about Celestia :P lol. Well anyways, I AM GOING TO START BLOGGING. I don't care that nobody supports me right now because I love blogging. I just realized that looking back at my past posts and remembering doing them and having so much fun with them. So Active's Back! Always remember never quit, that has always been my motto... I got a little of track there but I am back. Never quitting and hard working is what all the songs are about on the playlist here ------------------->
This is the way I always have and will live so if you don't like hard work, DEAL WITH IT! :P
Well happy or not I am back so go to the bosses (especially Yeva :P) because:

It's Farm Time!

P.S. I changed my template back. LOL

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