Friday, November 4, 2011

Alright... New World

Well there's a New World in the test realm called Zafaria. I still can't test it because I am still broke. Well hopefully Christmas will bring new hope (a subscription) to me reentering blogging all the new information on Wizard101.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Since I just got back.....

How is Wysteria? I am kinda out of luck since I am currently broke with no subscription. I have been looking on other blogs and it looks pretty interesting and I am intrigued. I hope I can get a subscription soon to try out all the new additions I have missed.

-The Active Necro

P.S. I have missed this community soooooo much. You guys are the best. Only in wizard101 does a community have so much support and kindness. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Gone due to sickness

Well I was not posting for months due to my crohn's disease which caused me to be really sick. I am back now, although no sub I will try my best to give some posts on place that I have bought with crowns.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Diary of a Wizard Contest last chance!

The Diary of a Wizard mount contest is ending tomorrow along with many others! So go ahead and sign up for them if you haven't. Here is the diary of a wizard link

BTW I won the Shardtail dragon in the Find me contest put on by the Rogue Sorcerer! Woot!

Happy Last minute contest entering!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Producers Letter

I took the weekend off from the Spiral for a family trip so I am a bit late on the news. More information has been given to us about Wintertusk via the producers letter. If you haven't heard you should check it out! Here are some tidbits: high level quest pets! You may have wondered why we asked about pets on Feedback Friday a while ago... that’s the reason! We’re fired up for Wizards to discover new companions to aid you in your journeys throughout the Spiral. They won’t be easy to obtain… but the spoils will be worth the effort!

Another exciting new feature is new and upgraded spells. With Celestia, we gave you some visually super cool epic spells, and now we’re adding more toys for your arsenal. With our new content, we allow your Wizard's other spells to gain in power as well. Your Wizard will be able to “upgrade” one existing spell and will get something new. Your Wizard must be level 58 to get these quests. It won’t be as easy as walking up to a trainer, but you should find that your time obtaining them has been well spent

With many of the new additions to the game this update, we want to make sure Wizards already at Legendary status have a meaningful way to increase their powers. Each school will have their own, but here are some examples. Balance Wizards, we found some ancient and powerful magic to provide you a new, shiny, and more powerful healing over time spell! Storm Wizards, you’ll find some awesome damage at your disposal, but with great capability comes great danger. Speaking of such things, you’ll also find a new area with the toughest combat yet, but the spoils will most certainly befit the difficulty. These challenges will be presented to our most powerful Wizards. If you fall into that category, let me just say… I hope you’re up for the challenge!

Those are some of the most interesting stuff (in my opinion), but there is also crab ally opening up as an extension to the first quests! So a lot of exciting stuff in the spiral, I just can't wait for it to come out!

Until next time, The Active Necro

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things not as planned

So I might not be as "active" as I was hoping to be now because I made varsity baseball. My time at home is pretty much almost none between that and homework. I will try to still post every couple of days, but they will probably be small like my previous post and this one.

Happy... Not sure what to put here :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gardening.... Problems.

So over the past week when I have been going hard at trying to garden (after achieving grandmaster artisan) I found something out..... I am absolutely terrible at planning of using energy and organizing my garden. I never seem to have enough energy to get all those pesky bugs off and also keep up the needs of the plants. I can get some of my plants through, but occasionally they flip to wilting and it is a perpetual juggle between wilting and mature for that last plant in the line. What do you think I should do? Better organization of plants. Better usage of energy. Not have as many needy plants. I am totally terrible at gardening... lol. Not even the short guide that Friendly made and the other guides that I look at are helping this sorrowful gardener. I just don't have the green finger I guess, maybe thats why I am a death wizard O. o

Oh no! My Prickly Bear Cacti are wilting!

Good luck with Gardening!